To those who attempted to vote during our annual gathering we do apologise that we had a few technical glitches. In fact, despite the wonderful help from Chris Speed of ECA, Mark Daniels from Inspace and Jack Ziomek, our communications student, we were too ambitious to think that we could transfer all the outputs from the afternoon workshop to the internet in less then hour.

Voting on the outputs from the workshop will have to take place over the next few days, and voting will be open until 5pm on Monday 11 October. You can access the six screens with details of how to vote for the event ideas for the six venues here:

Research Futures at the Scottish Parliament:

Our Dynamic Earth:

The Royal Society of Edinburgh:


National Museums Scotland:

STEM in the Highlands and Islands:

You can also find out a it more on the venue links on the LHS of the screen.

To vote you will need to send a text to the number on the screen with “cloudplay” followed by one of the three idea titles eg for National Museums Scotland you might send:

cloudplay Meaning

With the voting you will see the text in the box at the bottom of the screen grow depending on the number of votes each idea recieves. Please do take part. The results will give the groups the mandate to take their ideas forward.



The Edinburgh Beltane Annual Gathering is happening tomorrow. If you aren’t able to join us in person, this is the place for you to find out whats happening (as it happens) and to participate.

The team have been busy preparing two exciting events, and afternoon creative workshop and an evening networking session.

Bringing together our researchers, engagement professionals from our partner institutions (such as Our Dynamic Earth; National Museums Scotland; and the Royal Society of Edinburgh) and a few community groups this afternoon workshop will generate 18 event ideas, to engage the public with our research. But more importantly it will bring these people together, to find out what each other does, and what might be possible if they work together. Hopefully some lasting partnerships will form, maybe not immediately, but when the time is right. When that subject becomes a hot topic in the press, or that funding opportunity appears, or there’s a gap in the programme, or that idea finally comes together into something tangible.

Our evening reception is another opportunity to build and strengthen networks as well as to find out which ideas generated in the afternoon have merit and might be worth spending more time on.

This is where you can participate. After the workshop we will post some links here that you can vote on by sending a text (at the cost of a normal text). Check back here at about 5pm tomorrow to find out more!